Texoma springs into action to aid Michael relief efforts

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- As soon as Michael made landfall, Texoma began gearing up to help the people devastated by the record - breaking storm.

The devastation in Florida, Alabama and Georgia means thousands of people will be without their homes, or even necessities like electricity and water for a long time.

Texomans are stepping in to help with the area's two greatest needs manpower and money.

"Horrible wind damage, you know, houses demolished completely," said Texoma Red Cross Director Doug Crowson.

Volunteers from the Texoma chapter of the Red Cross saw firsthand the devastation of Hurricane Florence in September.

"I see their life in a big pile on the side of the road and they don't have anything at all," said Crowson.

Already, nine more people with Texoma Red Cross are in Florida, bringing relief to the victims of Michael.

"It's kind of like war, you know. You see the best and the worst of people at the same and it's really a strange emotion to process," said Crowson.

Johnston County EMS and Lamar Electric Co-op are just two of the many other Texoma organizations sending manpower to help with the cleanup in the area.

Doing things like handing out food and knocking on doors for welfare checks, even helping restore the badly damaged power grid.

"Wildfires in the western part of the country, hurricanes in the eastern part of the country, tornadoes in the middle part of the country," said Crowson.

To Crowson, disaster is not new.

He was on the front lines for Hurrican Harvey in Houston last year and is glad to pay it forward.

"Now the people of Texas can turn around and help the people of California or Florida or North or South Carolina."

Crowson says the days he has spent where disaster strikes are some of the hardest.

"It's not a vacation. You're not going to be sleeping in a hotel room. You're going to be sleeping on a cot in a staff shelter somewhere," said Crowson.

But he says the sacrifice is worth it.

"You'll see total devastation. You'll see people totally stressed out and then you'll see people trying to help them. And just the amount of compassion and patience and love that people have is amazing."