Madill parents allege Kingston students' Donald Trump taunts went too far

Published: Jan. 30, 2017 at 5:32 PM CST
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KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) -- Some Kingston students were accused of using Donald Trump signs to taunt Madill Wildcats players.

Kingston Public Schools Superintendent Ron Whipkey said the signs at the basketball game were not in good taste, and that Kingston Public Schools is not an appropriate place to make a political statement.

"It wasn't a loss that they were worried about. It was more or less about the bullying they had to go through during the ball game was just very unnecessary," Taylor Jowers said.

Jowers' sister is on the Madill Varsity basketball team.

At the game on Friday against Madill, Kingston students were holding signs that Madill fans said were meant to offend Madill's Hispanic players.

"A bunch of Tump supporting signs," Jowers said describing the scene. "And that's okay to support who you support, but talking about build the wall it was more or less directed toward ...we all know who it was all directed toward."

Whipkey said once school administrators saw the posters at the game, they told the students to put them away.

"I just felt like school is a place to get an education. I don't think politics or any of that kind of thing has a place there," says Kingston local Georgette Oisten.

Kingston grandparents Wayne and Beth Grindle said, "I just feel that if you can't make a religious statement in school, why should you be able to make a political statement."

Jowers said when people play sports on a team, the team becomes like a family. "When you direct it, hold signs up like that its not directed at one person, it's directed at the whole team so they all take that to heart and they took that home," Jowers said.

Whipkey said if students try to make political statements again on school grounds, disciplinary actions will be taken.