Texoma woman searching for living kidney donor

GAINESVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - A Texoma woman is holding onto hope for a new kidney, and said if she finds a match it could save her life.

"It means the world to me, I have a lot of amazing people that are standing behind me and it's great, you know it's very humbling," Tammy Garner said.

Garner has lived with polycystic kidney disease for about a decade, meaning her kidneys are failing.

But now, she needs a living donor.

Her friends and family started a Facebook page called "Share Your Spare with Tammy" in hopes of finding a compatible donor.

Garner said several people have tried to donate, but none have been a match so she's still searching.

"Oh it will definitely save my life, yes, I'm not on dialysis yet but it's close to it but I'm trying to find a living kidney before that happens," Garner said.

Garner said she needs a kidney so she can continue to be there for her 10-month-old grandson.

"Most everyone is born with two kidneys, you can actually get by with one, and so if you have a spare kidney, which most people do, it would be great to not only help me but there's millions of people in the world who are needing kidneys," Garner said.

She said it's easy to become a kidney donor, and it's an application process where you fill out medical history, and get blood work done.

Garner said her name and birthday have to be specified for someone to be a match for her.

"If you receive a living kidney, you're less likely to have rejection, it's probably going to last longer, and you'll just be healthier," Garner said.

She said regardless if it's a match for her, she encourages anyone to donate to save a life.