Texomans react to Bob Stoops stepping down

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Durant, OKLA. (KXII) -- "Yes, stepping down after 18 years as the head football coach here at Oklahoma," says Bob Stoops at a press conference.

After becoming the winningest coach at the University of Oklahoma, Bob Stoops is moving on.

"I feel like I'm the luckiest and the most fortunate guy in the world," says Stoops. "And incredibly blessed to have experienced what we have over the past 18 years."

News 12 took to the streets and got Boomer Sooner reactions.

"I almost fell over, honestly, I didn't know," says one OU fan,Clay Jones.

"I thought we were gonna have another year for a championship year, but he left us," says another OU fan Miko Nowabbi.

"He took our program at a time that was really hurting, turned it around and made it something good again," says another OU fan Bobby Story.

And these Sooners tell us some of their favorite Stoops moments:

"When we beat Texas," says Nowabbi. "We can go one and 12, but when we beat Texas that will be the best thing in the world."

"National championship 2000, Florida State," says Story. "Not suppose to win but we did. Barry Switzer told Bob Stoops, he told him, that one will be the easy one, the next one will be the hard one and it's proved to be very hard."

But Sooner fans are looking to the future with the new head coach, Lincoln Riley.

"I think Lincoln Riley should be a great pick for our head coaching job in Oklahoma," says Nowabbi.

"Our football program is getting better and better every year and this year we think we can win us another national championship," says Story.

"Boomer sooner," says Jones. "Boomer Sooner," says Nowabbi. "Boomer Sooner," says Story.

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