Texomans react to migrant caravan approaching U.S. border

SHERMAN, TX. (KXII)-- A day after the midterm elections, a news conference escalated into heated exchange between the President and a reporter on the topic of the migrant caravan.

President Trump referring to it as an invasion.

The group of migrants that come from many Central and South American countries has already reached Mexico City.

Last week the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner said that there are two caravans. One with about 3.500 people and a second with approximately 3,000 people.

Most have told reporters that they are seeking a new life, fleeing persecution, poverty and violence.

Antero Rosas lives in Sherman, he said, "for me it would be good for them to arrive and make their dream a reality because they are in need and its good for them to help their families in their country".

Lucio Chavez has been living and working in Sherman for 15 years and he disagrees with the President's comments.

"No I don't think it is, its not an invasion because this country is a country of migrants, this country has a history of immigrants".

Other Texomans say immigrants need to follow U.S. law.

"I don't think the caravan is the way to do it, I think we need to speed up the process to get them here legally".

Aaron Harbaugh is a Bells resident, he said, "as long as they have a way to support themselves I'm not gonna say its an invasion, being free, everything is the American dream".

The Department of Homeland Security expects the caravan to arrive at somewhere along the southwest border in a week or less.

"If they're gonna come over they need to have a job ready, something intent so they can support themselves".

Chavez said, "we all deserve and opportunity, everyone deserves an opportunity.