Texomans react to senate passing bill to end auto inspections

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Drivers are celebrating the idea of no more vehicle inspections in Texas.

The Texas Senate approved a bill that would eliminate the state's mandatory safety inspections for most vehicles earlier this week.

Texas is one of slightly more than a dozen states that still require safety inspections that test for things like horns, lights and seat belts.

On Saturday, drivers in Sherman talked about how they felt about the issue.

Scyrethna Crenshaw said she's excited about the idea.

:I don't have to worry about getting pulled over because my inspections out because I forgot it at the last minute," Crenshaw said. "Oklahoma has done it for a while so I don't see why we don't."

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Don Huffines, a Dallas Republican.

Don Huffines' brother Ray runs the large group of Huffines automobile dealerships in the Dallas -Fort Worth area.

Don Huffines notes that other large states like California and Florida have dropped safety inspections and they are no longer required by the federal government.

Other drivers we talked to said they don't mind the inspections either way.

"It never bothered me in the least," Gary Sisson said. "Not really sure whether I'm against it or for it. It just existed and I did my good citizen duty and got it inspected like I was supposed to."
Commercial vehicles would still face safety inspections, and emissions inspections would still be required in the state's most populated counties.

Crenshaw tells us her stepfather had a mechanic shop, and he was not a fan.

"He had to do it and take time out of his busy schedule," she said. "You don't get paid for doing it. You don't make any money. And a lot of the times you got a hard time for doing it. If you don't pass them they get mad."

According to a Senate study, more than 500,000 vehicles didn't pass safety inspection in 2014 and 2015.

The bill now goes to the House for consideration.

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