Texomans remember 41st President George H.W. Bush

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Wednesday is declared a national day of mourning for Former President George Herbert Walker Bush, who died Friday at the age of 94.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered for all state agencies, offices and departments to be closed too in his honor.

"It's kind of nice to be able to have a little connection with some of the leaders of our country," said former Eisenhower Birthplace manager Donna Hunt.

"This is a model of the aircraft that George H.W. Bush flew during World War II," said Army and Air Force Veteran and Perrin Air Force Museum Founder Charles Brown.

Brown has a replica of a TBF Avenger Navy torpedo bomber.

The same kind that carried H.W. Bush when the Japanese shot it down in 1944 in the Pacific.

"He bailed out and was rescued out of the rubber life raft by a submarine later on," Brown said.

H.W. Bush was 20 years old at the time, his two crew mates didn't survive.

About two decades later, his son trained at Perrin Field as an Air National Guard Pilot.

"His son, George Bush Two, as I call him came in here and trained in the 102's," Brown said.

H.W. Bush's campaign for Texas Senate took him to the steps of the Grayson County Courthouse in September 1964, a race he lost.

In 1979, he traveled more than 250,000 miles for 850 political events the first time he ran for president. Including one in Texoma at Tanglewood.

"He was very personable and he joked and told some jokes I remember that, we were all laughing," Hunt said.

In the late 90's, she visited the George H.W. Bush library in College Station on a tour of Texas presidential sites.

"He walked in and he spoke to us and went up on the stage and he did speak to the whole group then," Hunt said.

She sat on the front row.

"It was kind of a thrill getting to be there with him, you know, see him in person after seeing him so much. And so it made me feel kind of close to him," Hunt said.

The late president will be honored at a state funeral in Washington D.C. tomorrow. His funeral is Thursday in Houston.

A train will escort him to College Station hours later, where he will be laid to rest.