Texomans share what they'd buy if they won $460M Powerball jackpot

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) The estimated Powerball jackpot has climbed to $460 million and several Texomans are hoping to become the lucky winner.

WINNING NUMBERS: 02-18-37-39-42 Powerball: 12

"Might hit a blessing, never know," said Ruby Simmons of Sherman.

"I'm always lucky," said Whitewright native Bobby Guest.

"I'm gonna win it."

"I think tonight might be my lucky night," said another player Cartillius Brown.

Tons of people across the country and right here in Texoma are hoping to start the new year as millionaires and Wednesday's Powerball could make that happen.

"It's $400 million, that's a lot of money," Guest said.

It's the biggest Powerball jackpot since last August when it hit more than $700 million.

This is the 10th largest jackpot in U.S. History.

And even though the odds of winning are one in 292.2 million, it's attracting first-time players like Seven Thomas.

"Never played the lottery before, first time ever. I didn't even know how to play the Powerball and he had to tell me how to play it," said Thomas.

But even if you win, you won't be walking away with the full 400 million. After taxes, your winnings would total a little over $72 million.

But these players say that's good enough for them.

"I would disappear. I'd probably never be seen again by anyone around here. I would travel," Guest said.

"I'll probably buy a house with some of it. And do a little more shopping with a lot more of it," said Brown.

"I see a lot of needy people in Sherman. I would give a lot back to the community and I would pay for my kid's college," Thomas said.

"I'd try to spend it before I died."

"I'd give grace to God and I'd help my family and then I'd help a friend who has been there for me."

And if you didn't win millions Wednesday, you can still test your luck by playing the Mega Millions game, offering a grand prize of $418 million.

The next drawing for that game is Friday.

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