Texoma's first food truck park opens in Denison

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Months after the City of Denison approved this lot off Rusk and Crawford for a food truck park, it's now open for business.

"We've been waiting for this park," said customer Wendy Acosta. "Oh my gosh you can smell the hibachi from two blocks away and so that draws you in. It's like a cartoon with the curly smoke that hooks you in, that's it."

"Good it's really really good," said another customer Chris Wallentine. "I got the chicken hibachi."

News 12 also asked four year-old Karsyn what does her food taste like: "It tastes like gummies," the four year-old said.

And News 12 also asked if three year-old Knox enjoyed his hot dog, but he declined to comment. His mom said he was enjoying his lunch.

"The meal is fabulous there's lots of good choices down here," Wallentine said. "People seem to be enjoying themselves."

Kevin Hempkins owns the lot and rents space to the vendors. He hopes, with weather permitting, the park will be open seven days a week from 11 to 11 and hopes to fill the lot with six food trucks.

"You can tell four almost fills it up but there's more room for a little bit more," Hempkins said. "And there's more room for variety on the pallet also."

You can bring your own alcohol since it's private property. They also plan to have bands and special events.

"It would always be nice to have some place cool and funky to go and I think this is it," Acosta said. "And especially for Friday nights for the games, I mean what a great place. You can tailgate without a truck."

Customers said it will bring in a lot of people to the heart of Denison and they will come back again.

"Heck yea I would," Wallentine said.

"We expect to be regulars," added Acosta.

Even four year-old Karsyn said she would come back and eat more food.

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