Thackerville football player out for the season after injury

THACKERVILLE, Okla. (KXII) A Thackerville high school football player is out for the season after he was flown to the hospital during a game Thursday.

Thackerville High School football player Wade Oglesby, 17, said he does not remember anything after getting hit during Thursday night's football game.

The running back and defensive lineman said he played a couple of plays and then woke up in the hospital with his mom.

"All I remember is getting hit in the head. As soon as I did, I got lifted off the ground. Coach says I played a couple of plays and then got lifted off" said Wade Oglesby.

He was flown from the field to Oklahoma City where they spent several hours in the trauma room.

Oglesby was treated for a concussion and an extended vertebrae, as well as shoulder, neck and back pain.

He will be in a neck brace for four week, meaning he will miss the rest of the season.

"I got the news that I'll be out for four weeks, and that scared me a little bit, because I love football, and I think it's the best sport to play in the world, especially with coaches like mine," Oglesby said.

Amanda Hay, Oglesby's mother, said the community's support is what is getting their family through this.

"There's been numerous praying for him, and it just touches my heart," said Hay. "That the community doesn't even know us."