Denison Country Club closing its doors for good

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Owner Ben Madill says he saw the writing on the walls several months ago about the possibility of it closing, and had this to say, when he knew it was time to close for good.

"Sick. I dropped a lot of money out here. Over $7 million out here," said Madill.

Madill says he bought the club's land seven years ago, when the 214- acre property was under $1 million.

"I've remodeled the whole building, built workshops down there, bass houses, pools, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, and basically reworked all the watering systems on the fairways," said Madill.

Even though he spent millions of dollars on the club over the years, at the end of the day, the club didn't get enough business.

"Just didn't get the support, couldn't get enough members to offset the overhang," said Madill.

But some club members say they will miss the place.

"You have the golf course. I've been known for my great singing ability... NOT. They had karaoke, they had bands," said Jose Casado.

"I can drop my daughter off and her friends at the swimming pool, while I went and played 9 holes of golf. The totality of the facility itself was extremely family oriented," said Paul Neumann.

Madill says the country club employed 28 people, and would host 15-20 events every year, including the "Back the Badge" golf tournament, something important to long time law officer Paul Neumann.

"It was well received and it was very very popular. The country club in itself is going to be missed," said Neumann.

Madill says he will retire, believing the club will be left in better shape now than when he bought it seven years ago.

"Oh my gosh, it was a cow pasture basically. What members they had, they couldn't keep the upkeep," said Madill.

"It's a big loss, it's very disappointing personally, but again, business is business and you got to make a profit," said Neumann.

Madill says there will be one more banquet held here on Jan. 18th before the doors are shut for good.