Thieves stealing car parts from Sherman churches

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Surveillance video shows thieves stealing car parts off of church vans.

It happened at two churches just in the past couple weeks in Sherman.

"It's just an unfortunate thing, very unfortunate, said Calvary Baptist Church Pastor Charlie Ellison.

"It's sad, but nowadays you have to lock your doors even at churches you have to lock your doors because you never know who is out there that may want to cause some harm to somebody that's on the inside," he said.

When taking their church vans to get new registrations earlier this week, they discovered a valuable car part missing from one van.

"Catalytic converter, they can't get much money for it, but to replace it we're looking at over $2,000 probably just to replace it," Ellison said.

West Sherman Baptist Church reported three stolen catalytic converters off their vans this week. Police say the stolen parts were valued at around $3,000.

That's when Ellison viewed surveillance and found clear videos of the burglary in progress.

"I think the security cameras they're so inexpensive, they do a great job so I think it's something that probably most people should invest into," Ellison said.

Security footage shows the converter being stolen in broad daylight.

Sherman police have this footage and are investigating both burglaries. It's not confirmed if the two are related.

As far as catching the thieves, Ellison only has one goal in mind.

"I hope they get caught so that I'd have an opportunity to sit down and visit with them possibly and let them know that they can have forgiveness and begin to live a crime-free life. Maybe this could change their life completely," Ellison said.

He said its their church's ministry to help people.

"We all do wrong at times, every one of us, but we need a second chance and we'd like to try to give these people another opportunity as well," Ellison said.