Third gas station theft linked to same suspect

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Sherman gas station was burglarized early Tuesday morning, and police believe the man who did it is the suspect in two previous gas station robberies.

The most recent case happened at a Shell gas station on FM 1417 in Sherman, at around 4 o'clock in the morning.

"Similar to the other two instances, the suspect came in with a hooded sweatshirt, face covered up and waked up to the counter and just reached across and grabbed the cash register drawer and ran out the store." Sgt. Brett Mullen with the Sherman Police department said.

"This is being investigated as a burglary because no weapon was presented and no threat of force was used." Mullen said.

The first case happened on July 31st, at the Quick Time gas station and convenience store on South Crockett in Sherman, where the suspect, described as a black male, with a slim to medium build and approximately 5'10 to 6 feet tall, robbed the store at gunpoint.

He got away with over $2,800 in checks and about $60 in cash.

On August 13th, Denison police say that believe that the same man entered the Shell gas station on East Main Street, and eluded to the clerk that he had a weapon, but it was never seen.

"We're investigating them as possibly being the same person." Lt. Mike Eppler with the Denison Police Department said. "In the video it appears the person is very similar looking. Also the way the crime was committed was almost the same," Eppler said.

Mullen says the suspect got away with about $400 this time, but says the thief didn't get away as smoothly.

He says the clerk on duty grabbed a mop chased the suspect out of the store.

A customer who visits the store often says she is concerned.

"There was change all over the floor, they said the clerk chased him out and was hitting him in the head with a mop," said the customer.

Sherman and Denison police are now working together to try and identify the suspect