Thousands of dollars worth of narcotics stolen from Sulphur nursing home

Published: Aug. 16, 2018 at 6:27 PM CDT
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Sulphur Police Chief David Shores says it's the second time in three weeks thousands of dollars worth of narcotics were stolen from the Artesian nursing home.

Shores says Tuesday morning they got a report of a break in at the Artesian home.

He says 202 doses of norco, 7 patches of fentanyl, 96 doses of oxycontin, 90 doses of morphine and 104 doses of xanax were stolen.

"They gained entry through a small window, taking the window pane out and then unlocking it," Chief Shores said.

Shores says the three employees who were working at the time said they didn't see or hear anything suspicious.

No arrests have been made and Shores says both times the drugs were locked up.

"If you don't work there you don't know where the key is so it's previous employee or present," Shores said.

Shores says he's asking the state Attorney General to step in because of the type and amount of narcotics stolen.

"We have found one or two dead with (a) Fentanyl patch in their mouth," Shores said. "It'll kill them within minutes so they're very dangerous."

Heists of high powered pain medication leaving those who live nearby feeling uneasy.

"That really bothers me especially with kids because that's where they always work on is kids," William Cupples said.

William Cupples says he hopes whoever stole the drugs is caught and prosecuted.

"If they were somebody that was from the inside they know that those people need these drugs in order to survive and they just don't have a heart," Cupples said.

The owner of the nursing home says if anyone has information about the break in to give police a call.