Thousands of used soda cans make up "Love" mural

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "I call it a can mural," Rick Freeman said.

70-year-old Rick Freeman along with the help of other community members put together a mural that hangs behind the Goddard Center.

It's made up of 3,120 used soda cans to be exact.

"I work at Wal Mart and so I noticed these cans being thrown away in the trash and they just really caught my eye and the color and shine of the cans," Freeman said.

Board member of the Goddard Center Jan Tindale says she and Freeman decided on what word to use for the mural after the school shooting in Parkland, Fl. in February.

"We went round and round with lots of ideas but we came down to the word 'Love' - what the world needs more of," Tindale said.

Freeman says they used cardboard and construction paper to lay out the model of the mural.

Then the process began, starting with cleaning out the cans, drilling holes into them, connecting them together through a wire that's tied to PVC pipes at each end.

In all 120 individual wires connecting 26 cans on each row.

"Just a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and really a connection of spirit, something so much larger than I am," Freeman said.

The mural that was put up over the weekend is already attracting several residents and visitors.

"To me seeing this word just reminds me that it's still alive and that we can all still embrace each other," Marcia Micklos – Craig said.