Three car crashes in Anna leave one man dead, cause U.S. 75 to shut down for hours

Published: Sep. 21, 2017 at 5:43 PM CDT
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Three car crashes in Anna today shut down the southbound U.S. 75 lanes for hours.

It all began this morning at around 7:45 a.m. Anna police were already on the scene of a minor accident on the highway when a UPS semi truck rammed into four vehicles, killing one young man.

"We find out there are some pretty serious injuries from all three drivers involved," said Lt. Jeff Caponera of the Anna Police Department, who has been out on the scene all day Thursday. "The one who had the vehicle struck by the semi was deceased."

Two were taken to the hospital. A man in one of the cars likely died on impact, police said.

"We've identified him as Nathan Clark, hes a 25-year-old from McKinney," Caponera said.

And then around 3 p.m., a third accident happened just north of the others. A semi rolled over and left the driver injured.

Police said they expected to have the scene clear by noon, but over eight hours later, traffic was still backed up for over an hour from Grayson County.

Carrye Chen was in Sherman for a meeting. She was trying to get back home to Austin before she hit the traffic.

"We got out of there right on time around 1 p.m.," Chen said. "I thought it would be smooth sailing back to Austin but it was pretty standstill right as I was leaving Sherman."

Many drivers were swerving off the highway and taking dirt back roads, like Larry Redding.

"I followed some vehicles off on the side of the road," Redding said. "They went down a dirt rocky road and then we followed it around a good three miles and it led to this gas station."

Police said the construction has been a major factor in several accidents recently.

"With the construction, we're gonna have accidents," Caponera said. "It's stop and go quite a bit. People stop paying attention, so we do have quite a few accidents around this roadway."

Police said the construction could last until 2019.