Three arrested for burglarizing Carter Co. pumping service unit

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RATLIFF CITY, Okla. (KXII) - "Theft of a vehicle, a bucket truck as well as an auto crane truck with trailers and pumps on it - estimated value is a little over $250,000," Chris Bryant said.

That was just some of the equipment Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant says Daylen and Brandon Brantley stole from the Texoma Pumping Unit Service early Monday morning.

Bryant says the brothers had hopped over a gate to get into the lot.

"Once they got into the locked and secured yard they were able to get into a pickup and start the pickup and drove through the gate," Bryant said. "(They) got one truck stuck and then able to steal another."

Bryant says deputies showed up in time to arrest the brothers there at the scene.

They later arrested Gregory Brown at his home for allegedly being involved in the burglary.

Bryant says nearby residents had reported suspicious activity going on causing deputies to head out to the company.

"We want to say thanks to the residents of Ratliff City for alerting us and letting us know about suspicious activity going on," Bryant said. "We appreciate their assistance."

The Brantley brothers were booked in multiple charges including larceny and burglary.

Brown was booked in for second degree burglary.

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