Three local libraries moving nearly 8,000 genealogy records to centralized spot

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - If you ever want to research your family history in Grayson County, it could soon be a lot easier. A new genealogy center will be pooling records from three local libraries.

The Denison, Sherman and Pottsboro libraries were all making changes at the same time-- downsizing certain parts of the library to make room for more activities.

So they needed a place for their genealogy records -- which is where Frontier Village came in.

"It started with transferring a few materials to Frontier Village," said Sherman Library Services Administrator MeLissa Eason. "They said they might have an interest for more."

The Sherman Public Library recently underwent a huge transformation after someone set fire to it.

They gave some of the books to Frontier Village to store after the fire.

"There are so many genealogy books," Eason said. "We lost part of our building with the new renovation."

After that, Sherman and the two other libraries had an idea.

"It worked best to meet and have them all in one in a central location for a research site," Eason said. "It's already a historical site."

The Denison and Pottsboro libraries-- like Sherman--were making more space for children's activities and other programs.

So the Frontier Village took on the challenge of moving their roughly 8,000 genealogy records into a new building.

"We'll be honored to have it all in one place."

Charla Harris, the Frontier Village board of Directors president, thinks preserving the genealogy in a central place is ideal.

"To me its important to know who your ancestors were," Harris said. "It's what makes you, you."

The books will be temporarily housed in an air conditioned unit, until they construct an addition to the museum.

The records should all be moved into Frontier Village in the next month or so.

They spent $7,500 for the temporary building and another $75,000 for the addition with federal, state and local grants.

Eventually they hope to get all the genealogy records digitized.

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