Three proposals on Tuesday's Bryan County ballot

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Three Bryan County communities are voting on bond issues on Tuesday, and one of them is Calera, totaling over $800,000 to improve their schools.

The first proposition would pay for new security systems and new air conditioning systems at the Elementary and Middle schools, among other facelifts.

The second prop would buy two new school buses.

If voters approve homeowners will have to cough up less than $5 more for every $100 they pay now in property taxes, and will be paid off in four years.

"Not only for the buildings, but for the playground areas. We want to have taller fences with security systems on those to limit the people and kids from leaving, as well as other people coming on the playgrounds where the kids are," said Calera ISD Superintendent Gerald Parks.

Over in Durant, the city will vote on a 20 year extension of the city's one cent capital improvement sales tax, a tax that has been around since the '60s.

The sales tax helps fund several projects around town, like road construction, as well as helping pay off city debt.

"If this tax is extended, we can do that. If the tax is not extended, then we have to figure out as a city how we're going to cover the debt that is already obligated to that tax, and how we make improvements," said Durant City Manager John Dean.

Rock Creek ISD also has a school bond, worth $2.16 million for upgrades at the elementary school in Blue, and to improve security.

Homeowners can see how the bond would impact their property taxes in the graphic below, which was taken from a video posted by Rock Creek Public Schools. For example, a homeowner who currently pays $100 annually would see an annual increase of $13.61.

Polls will be open on Tuesday throughout Bryan County between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.