Tip in search for Bryan County fugitive leads to four arrests at drug house

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- Bryan County deputies told us they were initially called to this property off Haworth and Cheek Road last week searching for a fugitive.

That fugitive wasn't there, but drugs and paraphernalia were.

"Affidavit was prepared submitted to the courts, the courts found it had enough probable cause and executed a search warrant," said Bryan County Chief Deputy Steve Nabors.

With a search warrant in hand, authorities went back to that same property on Tuesday morning.

"Quite a bit of evidence of controlled dangerous substance was seized," Nabors said.

Including this liquid meth, marijuana, crystallized substances believed to be meth and several cases containing pipes used for drugs.

"And we never know what we're gonna meet once we get there to perform these duties," Nabors said.

But investigators met these four on the property: David Wren, Alatara Williams, Billy Pugh and Kayla Groce.

"One was arrested on the outstanding warrant and the other three were charged with possession with CDS with intent to distribute and maintaining a property where drugs were sold," Nabors said.

Nabors said the four were arrested without incident.

"The main thing is everybody went home safely from this which these things can turn bad real quick."

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