Tips on using mosquito repellent

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- This time of year, many people worry when they see mosquitoes flying around them outside.

One concern is the West Nile Virus, that's already had a case confirmed here in Texoma this year.

According to the Texas Department of Health and Services, there have been 8 cases of West Nile in the state including one in Cooke County.

So what's recommended when you put on mosquito repellent?

"The one that's typically recommended is DEET," Dr. Bryan Massenburg with Urgent Care said. "It's shown to be typically effective, it's safe for even children down to even two months."

Dr. Massenburg says women who are pregnant and breastfeeding don't need to worry when applying mosquito repellent on.

Tina Bromley, a mother of two, makes her own products while also using others to fight against mosquitoes.

"I try to make my own with the essential oils and the carry oils," Bromley said. "It does work, but not for an extend period of time. So I do like the Avon, the sunscreen and the mosquito repellent in one."

It is recommended to reapply the repellent often if you notice it wearing off.

"If you are outside in the heat and sweating or if you get in the water, it can remove the product and you would want to reapply," Dr. Massenburg said.

Dr. Massenburg also says to make sure to apply the mosquito repellent onto exposed skin before residents run outside to enjoy the summer fun.

"The key thing is making sure that you apply it before you're going to be outside," Dr. Massenburg said. "If you go outside and you get three mosquito bites and say 'Oh, I got to put on some insect repellent,' it's a little bit too late."

For more information about mosquito repellent, you can go to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website at