Tishomingo High School hosts annual blood drive

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - "One day I might need that blood," Student Council Member Hunter Campbell said.

Sophomore Hunter Campbell says that's exactly why he donates blood every year.

Tishomingo High School is hosting it's annual blood drive for the Oklahoma Blood Institute, for the 22nd year.

"Not only are you saving one life, but you actually have an opportunity to save three lives when you donate one pint of blood," Student Council Member Alisa Northcutt said.

Tishomingo's is the largest high school blood drive in the state.

"Everyone in the state knows Tishomingo because of our blood drive and we want to keep this up," Student Council Member Quad Hays said.

"It's really really cool to get to see how many lives are affected by just one day of donating, 300 donors giving blood,"Northcutt said.

Students urge the community to donate, even if they're not big on needles.

"Just think about the positive parts that you are giving back to people in need," Hays said.

According to OBI, anyone who is generally healthy and older than 16 can donate blood; people can donate every 56 days.

Sue Logan says it's her first time donating.

"I want to save lives, I want to help people, especially people who get in bad accidents," Logan said.

OBI relies on about 1,200 donors daily to serve 90% of Oklahoma's hospitals and medical facilities.

This specific drive is crucial to helping them reach their goal.

"We are really in need of people right now because we have not met our goal yet,"Hays said,"with the short amount of time that we have left we need people to get out here."

"Everyone who can should come donate," Logan said.

The blood drive is being held in the Tishomingo High School gym until 7 p.m. on Friday.