Tishomingo celebrates annual July 4th parade

TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - "I think it's really neat everyone gets out and has fun," Resident Tobi Vic said.

Tishomingo residents crowded the sidewalks of Main street Saturday morning as they kicked off the annual Red, White and boom parade.

It's the first of several different events the city hosts to celebrate Independence Day.

"I grew up in Tishomingo so this is just a great experience for our town," Resident Tori Cellum said.

"Well it's the fourth of July, it's to celebrate independence and to get our veterans involved," Tishomingo City Councilor Laura Wood said. We have several veterans here in our community and we like to keep them involved."

Wood says the parade has been a part of the town's history for as long as she can remember.

Wood says she began working with the Johnston County Chamber of Commerce three years ago, since then, she and the chamber have worked to grow this town tradition.

"It feels fantastic to get people out and about and we bring the community spirit to Tishomingo," She said.

Tori Cellum says her father, has been a long-time host of the parade, now she brings her son.

"He enjoys it so much and the fire trucks are probably his favorite," Cellum said.

Cellum tells us the parade benefits the entire town.

"It's just a great chance for our community to come together and show the support for the businesses, just the college, all the events we have coming up over the summer," Cellum said. [It] just to show that we are a unified town and we love each other."