Tishomingo family dog found shot in driveway

A Tishomingo woman arrived home from work Friday to find her 6-year-old German Sheppard mix with a bullet in his neck.
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TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - Tishomingo resident Brenda Rowe found her dog covered in blood in her driveway Friday afternoon, fighting to breathe with a bullet wound in his neck.

Her dog, a 6-year-old German Shepherd mix named Ole Red, was taken to the Blue River Veterinary Clinic in Tishomingo where he eventually died.

"They told me that if it had shot through his trachea that they probably couldn't save him, and it did. There were fragments all in his throat,” said Rowe.

Rowe said she does not know how it happened since she had been gone, so she called the police.

Tishomingo Police Chief Shannon Smith said they are investigating the incident. Officers say the shooting likely happened on Rowe's property.

"I mean, if I had come home earlier, y'know, I would probably come up on them,” said Rowe.

People in Tishomingo heard about the shooting on social media, and Floyd White, a dog owner in Coleman, Oklahoma said the whole thing is disturbing.

"I understand if a dog is mean or coming at you or something, you gotta get the dog away from you. But just to go out and shoot an animal like that, it's just not right,” said White.

Chief Smith said neighbors didn’t hear a gunshot Friday afternoon or see anything unusual.

"He [Ole Red] just wandered up and we took him in. He was so afraid of everything and if he heard a noise he would run to his dog house,” said Rowe.

Rowe said she’ll remember Ole Red as a dog who was shy and loved life.

"I'm very sad, very sad. I miss him,” said Rowe.

A Tishomingo woman arrives home from work to find her 6-year-old German Sheppard mix with a bullet in his neck.