Tishomingo non-profit packs and delivers care packages for elderly

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - Southern Oklahoma non-profit, INCA- Retired Senior Volunteer Program, RSVP, in Tishomingo is supplying care packages of donated food, household items and puzzles for senior citizens.

Volunteers in Tishomingo are providing essential needs for Southern Oklahoma elderly by delivering care packages.

"A lot of our seniors that have called in so far, they are worried, they are worried that they're going to catch it, '' said Wanda Gray, RSVP director.

The COVID-19 pandemic led people who are at higher risk of exposure to stay home, causing a few to miss out on normal lives.

"Something like this is no longer a little thing, a little hour or two of my time can really impact somebody's life and that's really important," Kayla Garrett, RSVP volunteer

The INCA-RSVP senior volunteer program helps seniors find volunteer work, who are now stuck at home, sometimes with nothing.

"Most of the seniors that I come into contact with through our programs live on $23 dollars a month food stamps, if they get food stamps. Most of them have incomes with less than $700 dollars a month, so these people need our help," said Gray

Gray said everything is done with the help volunteers, who are ready to help the elderly across Southern Oklahoma

"As far if you know somebody who needs the supplies you can call us and let us know,” said Garrett.

Garrett said seniors already have a hard time going to the store on a normal day, so why not help?

"It's scary, it really is. My heart hurts more for the people who were already leery of those places,” said Garrett.

Garrett said volunteers dropping off the blue, “Be ready bag” are providing more than a helping hand.

"Well this place they were going to daily for their only companionship that they get is closed down, or the person who doesn't have anyone checking in on them. You just got to think about those people,” said Garrett.

People who know or are in need themselves can call INCA RSVP’s hotline at 580-308-1809 or visit their Facebook page.