Tom Miller celebrates 30 years at KXII-TV

Published: Feb. 8, 2018 at 7:41 AM CST
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30 years ago today, News 12 Meteorologist Tom Miller began his historical career here in Sherman.

His passion for meteorology began back in college where he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Meteorology and a minor in Geography.

His on air work earned him the American Meteorological Society's AMS Seal of Approval.

Tom was part of the weather team that was one of the first to to use a local Doppler radar on the air.

Tom is known for enjoying working out at the gym and riding his bicycle.

He is also happily married with two children.

His passion and positivity at work is one of many traits about Tom that has made him beloved not only by his co-workers and past co-workers, but by Texoma.

"He's taught me a lot about the area in general: the people, he's taught me a lot of tips on forecasting, how to present to the camera and everything like that, anything that comes down to being a meteorologist in general," News 12 Meteorologist Wava Denito said.

"His attitude in the morning, his cheerful attitude is very infectious," News 12 Morning Anchor Lauren Smith said. "Not everyone is cheerful when they have to wake up at three in the morning and go into work, but he definitely has a great attitude that is contagious and helps our crew and everyone in Texoma wake up in the morning."

"Well I worked with Mr. Miller for a little over 10 years and enjoyed it greatly," former News 12 Meteorologist Alan Crone said. "Always had a great time. Also remember Tom always talking about growing up in Colorado with ski slopes as he was a ski instructor and I enjoyed those conversations in the times we had. A solid forecaster and in the over 10, almost 12 years that I worked with him, I don't think I have ever heard him grumble or complain about anything."

"Tom is one of those people that is simply a joy to work with and one of the very few people I know that can be wide awake and bubbly at four in the morning," former News 12 Morning Anchor Rita Kotey said. "It is definitely a feat."

"And I think the biggest thing that is great about Tom that he is truly the same type of person in person as what people see him on television," News 12 Morning Anchor Jesse Schroeder said. "Very kind, very helpful and always trying to make everyone else's job easier. He'll often go out of the way to help other people in the newsroom and we all really appreciate that."

The impact he has made to the Texoma community and to News 12 will forever leave an impression on his co-workers and to residents of Texoma.

"Congratulations Tom and I think we can all look to you as far as what we can hope to be professionally and just as a person," Smith said.

"Congratulations to Tom Miller for 30 years at Channel 12," Crone said.

"Congratulations on 30 years of hard work and dedication to the Texoma community," Kotey said. "I hope you have a wonderful celebration because you deserve it and my favorite Tom-ism of all time will always be double nickles. Salute to you Tom. Again, congratulations. Miss you."

"Tom, 30 years is a long time as I have been here almost five," Denito said. "I mean it's crazy to think to continue to work here for that long, but you just prove that you are one of those people that have worked in a place for so long, but you still love your job."

"He knows the area extremely well and the viewers can really trust in the weather coverage that he is able to provide to this area," Schroeder said. "So he's truly an asset to not only the company and the station, but to everyone who is lucky enough to call Texoma home."