Tree goes through family's home in Bryan County

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KEMP, Okla. (KXII) -- The high winds and heavy rain knocked down trees and power lines throughout Texoma Thursday evening, but the damage hit one Bryan County family harder than most.

"I was shaking, the girls were crying, cause it really scared us," Ariceli Aguilar said.

Ariceli Aguilar was sitting in her aunt's living room with her two cousins when the storm started to pick up.

"Then we noticed that the rain was getting harder and the neighbors, their tree limbs were blowing off," Aguilar said.

So they got up and moved, but seconds later, they heard a loud crash.

"We turned around and the tree just flew through," Aguilar said.

A tree went straight through the home and landed right where they had just been sitting.

"So we ran into the closet, we were shaking and praying," Aguilar said.

"We heard the tree break and then we heard glass cause it broke my stuff on the inside," Chagus said.

Tiffany Chagus owns the home. She was in the other room when the tree hit.

"You could feel the trailer shaking," Chagus said.

"There was water in the house cause it was raining," Aguilar said.

Bryan County Emergency Management said Kemp was the hardest hit.
The whole town lost power and tree limbs littered the roads.

Chagus said she's just grateful it was just a part of her home damaged and not anything more.

'"It's scary, it could have been a lot worse considering all the trees that are around, but there's just a lot of cleaning up to do," Chagus said.

Kemp Fire helped Bryan County clear the roads and pick up debris. They said all roads are now safe for travel.