Trenton PD establishes safe meetup spot for online purchases

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TRENTON, Texas (KXII) -- The Trenton Police Department has partnered with Kwik Chek to make the community a little safer.

They've created a spot for people who've bought or sold goods online to meetup in a safe environment.

"It really helps to have the extra protection and know that people are looking out for us," said Chelsea Brockus, who frequents the Kwik Chek on Highway 69 and 121 in Trenton.

Brockus thinks the new safe meetup spot there is a great idea.

"Noticed all of the online sites coming around and really it's great thing, people are getting great deals and it's helping a lot of people, but with that comes risk," said Brockus.

She adds especially in this day and age with the internet, you never know who you could be meeting up with.

"I definitely appreciate that we're starting to think ahead of these things, especially being a woman," said Brockus.

Trenton Police Chief William Robertson said it all started when he was approached by the people who meetup themselves.

"I was looking at putting it at the police department, but the police department is a little off the beaten path, so I encountered many people here at Kwik Chek that have been in there waiting to meet someone else to exchange items that they had gotten off the internet and I thought what better place?," said Robertson.

Robertson said he contacted Kwik Chek and they gave it the green light.

The location is not only in a public area next to two state highways, but it's also monitored by cameras and the police department, plus it's free to use and is well lit.

"Just a few years back, we didn't have all of the marketplaces that we have now through Facebook and Craigslist and those kind of things and as those become more prevalent and people are using those more and more and more, you're also hearing about things where people are taken advantage of on those sites as well. Hopefully, this will help cut down on some of that," said Robertson. "It actually could save someone's life or save them from being a victim of crime."

Robertson said the sign was free, given to him by OfferUp, an app where people buy or sell items locally that promotes safe in-person transactions and gives the signs out to police departments all over to set up.

"We just figured it would be a great community service for the people of Trenton and anyone that wants to use it," said Robertson.

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