Trenton firefighter thankful to community months after tractor accident

TRENTON, Tex. (KXII) - News 12 told you last summer about a Trenton firefighter who nearly lost his life in a tractor accident.

Now, he is safely recovering, and reflecting on the experience-- and the friends and family there to help.

Roy Schickedanz became a volunteer firefighter alongside his son and daughter about ten years ago.

"It's been wonderful to serve."

He and his wife also volunteer at their church and for Meals on Wheels.

"It's been touching the way they reached out and served us in return."

Back in August, Schickedanz, who goes by "Schick," was driving his tractor down State Highway 121 to get fuel.

In his rear view mirror, he saw a semi going about 70 miles an hour. But the driver didn't see Schick.

"I thought, 'that guy is going way too fast.' And the next thing I remember, I was in the hospital a couple days later," he said.

First responders quickly realized one of their own was hurt.

Schick was flown to Plano and spent 11 days in intensive care, suffering fractures, five broken ribs, a brain bleed and punctured lung.

"I am living proof to never never underestimate the power of prayer."

The community began praying. Schick began recovering.

"I can feel every prayer that came by way," Schick said. The doctors made comments how fast I was recovering and healing."

Schick was escorted home by Westminster and Trenton fire shortly after.

"It was part of that Smallsville USA out there on the side of the road, and their escort vehicles. It was pretty touching."

Schick is still getting better by the day.

He is grateful for everyone who supported him.

"I'm trying to get my endurance back. It'll come little by little, and and God's got this."

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