Trial continues for Grayson County man accused of driving intoxicated, killing son

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- 36 year-old Kristoffer Craft is accused of running a stop sign at an intersection last April and then crashing his truck into a Grayson County home, resulting in the death of his only son, eight year-old Kolton Craft.

Earlier reports state craft told witnesses to not call 911 when the accident happened.

In court Tuesday, the jury heard a range of testimony from first responders to law enforcement agents and doctors who tried to save Kolton.

In dash cam video from first responders you could see medics performing chest compressions and hear them encouraging kolton by saying: "Come on little buddy," at the scene of the accident.

One first responder was emotional while leaving the courtroom after testifying.

Medical experts testified Kolton didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing and that his cause of death was from blunt force injuries.

Law enforcement officers told jurors they noticed Craft had bloodshot and glassy eyes and appeared to be swaying when he stood after the accident. Law enforcement officers said when blood tests came back, Craft had a blood alcohol level of 0.145, which is almost double the legal limit.

Troopers said Craft didn't brake before the truck crashed into the home.

Craft is on trial for murder, aggravated assault, intoxicated manslaughter and three other charges.

Trial will resume Wednesday morning.

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