Trident Lakes announces CSO, possible reality TV show

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ECTOR, Texas (KXII) -- When news broke a private resort community was underway in Ector, it came as a shock to many Texomans. Now, the company behind it all has hired a Chief Security Officer and may even be on a reality TV show.

Robert Kaneiss, 43, is a former Navy SEAL with more than 23 years of experience in U.S military special operations and the international security field.

"It's not going to be an easy job," said Kaneiss.

As the CSO he will be in charge of developing and managing a state of the art security plan for Trident Lakes, something he said is an honor.

Kaneiss said one of the things he likes most about the project is it's uniqueness.

"No one is doing this," Kaneiss. "The concept of having a safe, secure, safe-haven for somebody and their family to retreat to and have that assurity that security is not ever going to be an issue."

Trident Lakes CEO Jim O'Connor said Kaneiss is working remotely for now and plans to move to the area in the Spring.

"The clients that we expect to bring here will are already thinking about security in ways that the average person does not," said O'Connor.

Kaneiss is currently working on creating a Navy SEAL experience, complete with an obstacle course for anyone willing to take on the challenge.

"We need somebody with his experience to be able to bring that quality to this community."

O'Connor also said they expect there to be a high demand and will be revising the master plan to include about 200 more underground condos.

"We think we've hit on a marketable concept of luxury and security and so we're really happy about that," said O'Connor.

On top of news outlets around the world talking about Trident Lakes, O'Connor said a New York-based reality TV show development company has expressed interest in filming there.

A grand opening, public event will be held on-site in the Spring where residents will be able to look at model condos and even pick out a future lot.

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