Okla. troopers getting tougher on left lane law

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 10:47 PM CST
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Oklahoma Highway Patrol is kicking off a new push to get drivers to stop impeding traffic in the passing lane.

We talked to Texomans on Tuesday about how they felt about that.

"That's a lot more tickets,” Timothy Bolen said. “A lot more tickets for the cops to do, but you got to do what you got to do, right?"

The state of Oklahoma put up signs last year reminding drivers the left lane is for passing only.

"The left lane is the fast lane,” Rob Walby said. “I mean that's just common knowledge. I knew that before I was able to drive."

But not everyone is listening. That's why Oklahoma Highway Patrol said they are cracking down on so-called left lane cruisers.

Drivers said it's welcome news in the new year. Like Pricillia Barbion, a self-proclaimed left lane driver.

"Not over the speed limit really but I like to get where I'm going on time,” Barbion said. “And the left lane drivers that are slow kind of hold up traffic and can cause an accident."

And others agree.

"Get them out of our way so we can go whatever speed we want,” Vince Kass said. “Could be dangerous you're cruising along and somebody's going 40 when the speed limit is 75."

The law aims to reduce road rage and speed up emergency response.

But, troopers say it's still not okay to drive over the posted speed limit in the left lane, even if you're there to pass people in the right line.

If caught violating the left lane law, drivers could face a fine of $236.50.