Truck backs over three-year-old girl

Ada, Okla. (KXII) A three-year-old girl is in critical condition after being ran over twice by a truck at the Raintree Inn in Ada around 9:45 Saturday morning.

"I just heard the woman screaming ‘no, no, no, no’ and I ran outside and I saw the baby was underneath the tire in the back," hotel housekeeper Nikisha Sandman said.

The child, her mother and her grandfather stayed at the hotel for a business trip and were loading their belongings to head back to Texas.

According to police, the girl’s mother thought she was still in the hotel room but she had followed her out to the parking lot.

The mother backed a Ford F-150 truck over the girl because she didn't see her behind the car.

"I guess she was just in shock and she didn't know if the tire was on the baby or not. She backed (the truck) up and ran over her again, her foot this time," Sandman said.

Sandman said she ran over to help the injured child. Officials said the child suffered injuries on her legs, feet and arms.

"So, I picked up the baby,” she said. “I just wanted to keep the baby awake.
I was just trying to comfort her and everything and I was holding her. Her mom came to after a little bit and wanted to hold her. So, I gave her back to her mom."

Sandman also said the child’s body was stiffening and the child’s eyes were rolling back in her head.

Emergency personnel arrived a few minutes later.

Residents close to the hotel say they were surprised when they saw the group of emergency vehicles.

“There was four ambulances, a fire truck, a paramedic, three or four Pontotoc county sheriffs and a couple Ada police cars,” witness Scott Coffey said. “We didn't exactly know what was going on. We just drove by and saw all of the commotion.”

A helicopter flew the child from Mercy hospital in Ada to OU Trauma Center in Oklahoma City.

“I hope she's ok and we're praying for them,” Coffey said.

“Praying. Lots and lots of prayers,” Sandman said.

None of the family members names have been released.

Police have not made any arrests.

KXII will keep you updated on the story as more details are released.