Truck burglary suspect caught on surveillance camera at car dealership

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Denison Police said the suspect accused of breaking into a car dealership and stealing a truck and thousands of dollars in equipment on Christmas day was arrested on other charges Thursday in Bryan County.

The owner of Blake Utter Ford dealership in Denison said they've been hit with burglaries before, but nothing to this extent.

"I kinda felt helpless. But by the same token, I kind of feel like it was also the cost of doing business almost," said owner Blake Utter.

"I was just kind of lost at first," said service technician Rodney Parnell.

Parnell describes coming to work the day after Christmas.

"The truck that I was working on Friday was gone," Parnell said.

A green Dodge Ram 2500 worth tens of thousands of dollars that the dealership had already sold.

But for the suspect, that wasn't enough.

"And I open up my drawers and over half of my tools are missing," Parnell said.

More than $5,000 in tools, and that's just Parnell's personal tool box.

Utter said the burglar took thousands of dollars in tools from mechanics.

"It's just hard for me to do my job without my tools. This is what I use to feed my family," Parnell said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect loading up trash cans full of food from the vending area.

There would have been other video, but he also stole the DVR.

Employees said the suspect got in through a door in the parts department using a hammer to pry open the gate inside.

They said the suspect put a chair on top of a counter and stood on it to push up the ceiling tiles.

Then they said he crawled over the gate and jumped down to the other side.

Employees tell us the truck and some tools were recovered in Bryan County.

"We never even imagined that we would get it back," Utter said.

They'll be adding 27 new cameras to the dealership along with a server to keep surveillance footage, so the data can't be stolen.

"It's just sad really. That someone feels the need to go do that, and especially this time of year," Parnell said.

Denison Police said they're not releasing his name because he hasn't been arrested for the break in.

But he could be charged with burglary of a building and auto theft.