Turner Falls increases safety awareness

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DAVIS (KXII) - Turner Falls Park officials are taking action after the two drownings last week.

One of the new signs added to Turner Falls Park with the label, "Steep Drop off."

New signs labeled “Steep drop off” are currently up and are expecting to have signs in the coming weeks warning about the slippery rock ledges in the water.

Assistant Chief Dee Gregory with Davis police said the signs are coming from the park’s budget, and the City of Davis is implementing a temporary protocol of having park EMTs and other park officials near both pools on the weekends.

"They are going to stay there all day, and their job is not that of a lifeguard, but it is that of a spotter,” Gregory said.

The city announced last spring they would no longer staff lifeguards at Turner Falls due to failing to keep enough hired.

First time visitors John and Terry Guerra said it’s surprising to see no lifeguards on duty.

"I'm wondering how you can ensure safety without lifeguards. But it's understood that it's hard to keep them. I guess you have to pay more, but I think it's worth it than the business you might lose and differently for lives lost,” said John Guerra.

But as the signs are the first step, Gregory said the park is looking at two lifeguarding contractors out of Dallas and Los Angeles.

Gregory added that everyone should be environmentally aware before you go into the water.

"Enjoy your swimming experience, but if you can't swim, put on a life jacket. You can still use the slid and you can still use diving board, but just put on a life jacket,” said Gregory.