Turner Falls in need of more lifeguards

DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) - "Our life guards in the past have had as many as 7 saves in one day," Park Manager Billy Standifer said.

Standifer says they are looking to hire several more life guards to help monitor the swimming areas as their busiest time of the year quickly approaches - paying them $8.50 to $9 an hour.

"We'd like to have 12 to 14 at the minimum, right now we only got 6 hired and some of those have to be certified before we can let them commence with their job," Standifer said.

Standifer says the training isn't much different from training those who monitor swimming pools but it's essential the guards at the Falls know how to work in the natural waters that are as deep as 15 feet.

"You can't see the bottom of the pool so you have to be very vigilant watching the surface area and watching the customers in the pool," Standifer said.

Three years ago the park required kids younger than 13 years old to wear life jackets after two children drowned.

Last year Standifer says 4 adults drowned at the park in separate incidents.

"We need the public's help too - know their own capabilities before they get in because they are in a natural setting and not in a pool," Standifer said.

Visitors like Dominic Cali say they feel having more eyes watching the crowds would make everyone feel more at ease.

"I think it would help a lot," Cali said. "It'd make people feel a little more safe while they're out here."

Standifer says you don't have to be a certified lifeguard to apply, the city will help get you trained after you're hired.

Applications can be picked up at their main office.

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