Turner Falls updates gun policy

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) - Signs posted around Turner Falls park prohibit guns from coming inside but as of Monday night city council members approved that those who are licensed to carry can do so on camp grounds.

"We just wanted to get current and get in with the state requirements which is what we did," Tom Graham said.

Davis City Manager Tom Graham says a letter of concern stated the original policy at Turner Falls, which banned guns from being inside the park, went against the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

"Strictly saying no guns allowed - if you have a concealed carry permit whether it be Oklahoma or another state you are allowed to carry them," Graham said.

Graham says the policy will still prohibit guns inside businesses at the park.

It will also allow visitors to open carry handguns if it's permitted in their state, which concerned some visitors.

"It's a family get away spot," Sarah Carlock said. "I don't feel like you would need a firearm to come to this place."

"Keep it clean - no weapons, firearms at all," Charlotte Paschal said. "Unless you are in an area where you're doing hunting, if this is not hunting, no guns."

And others say they are neutral about the changes.

"In the past I heard where places like this, not necessarily here, have had issues and nobody had a gun to protect or any kind of weapon," Rob Hill said. "There are some plus and minuses."

Graham says they are working to update their website and signs all around the park but the policy is effective immediately,

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