Tushka native serving in the Army honoring D-Day in Normandy

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII)- "For everyone out there, remember D-Day. It's important," said Brad Capps.

The 20-year-old Tushka native is in Normandy, the site of one of the most well known battles in world history.

His family has a rich history of serving in the armed forces, including his great grandfather, another Tushka native who served in World War II.

"Great-grandfather was in the 101st (airborne), my great-uncle was in the 173rd airborne in Vietnam, my dad was in the 101st (airborne). And now, I'm here in the army in the 82nd," said Capps.

Capps is a cavalry scout and paratrooper in the Army, stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Capps was selected to be a part of the D-Day reenactment in Normandy by highly ranked army officers by acing a test about the Army.

He couldn't believe he was one of the soldiers chosen to be a part of a reenactment jump.

"I was shocked, and a little in denial. I had asked my commander if it was legit and he said yes. When I found out I was super excited. Definitely a privilege to be here," (Capps)

Capps has been in France since Saturday, where he has met World War II veterans and taken part in ceremonies leading up to the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

"Getting to see the grounds where men 75 years ago came in and fought, died and wept. Just getting to be here is definitely an honor," said Capps.

He'll make the jump from a C-130 airplane above Normandy on Sunday.

"Because without D-Day, things may have not gone the way they did if we didn't conduct the largest amphibious or airborne assault in history," said Capps.