Repeat offenders sentenced for Grayson County robberies

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Two separate Grayson County robbers are now both sentenced to about two decades behind bars. Their crimes are all caught on camera.

Two separate robbers, both men sentenced Thursday. Cletis Johnson, 24, got 18 years and Daquavius Gray, 22, got 20 years.

The first robbery happened back in August 2013.

Surveillance shows Cletis Johnson with two other men, pointing a gun at a clerk at the Best Western in Denison and demanding him to open the cash drawer.

"Smashed the cash drawer on the ground and stole about $150," Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks said.

They also got away with the entire safe and ran out, but they didn't stop there.

"After there they went to Plano where they robbed the Plano Best Western as well," Brooks said.

The second case happened in June 2017 at Sherman's Get and Go convenience store.

Surveillance shows Daquavius Gray first asking for change but when the clerk went to get change out of the back room, Gray followed her.

"Pulled out a sock that contained a hard object, the clerk believed it to be a knife or gun," Assistant District Attorney Brett Smith said.

He got away with about $200 and then decided to try again.

"After the time of the commission of the Get and Go robbery here in Sherman, he has subsequently been charged with an aggravated robbery down in Brazoria County," Smith said.

Now both will spend the next two decades behind bars. Hefty prices to pay for robberies that only got them about $200 each.

Prosecutors said they hope this punishment serves as a warning

"There's a lot of violence potentially involved in these types of situations, people could get hurt and it's a dangerous situation," Smith said.

"If somebody's gonna come out here from a different city and rob our local businesses, they need to know that we're going to come after them hard," Brooks said.

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