Two Romanians arrested after skimmer found at Ardmore bank ATM

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(UPDATED: 7/11/17 @ 6:35 p.m.)

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Two Romanian natives in the country illegally are in immigration custody Tuesday, after police say they caught them skimming money from an Ardmore ATM.

It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon for Ashley Jackson.

"I got off work and went through the drive through to just grab something to drink, and they said my card was declined, and I was like what?" Jackson said.

But she hadn't spent all her money, about $400 had been stolen from her.

"My card had been used in Albany, Georgia, New York, all kinds of places." Jackson said.

The night before, she had used the M.T.C Federal Credit Union's ATM, before someone noticed something suspicious Saturday.

"An individual was seen walking from a vehicle back and forth as customers were coming through." Ardmore police Sergeant Brice Woolly said.

Alarmed, someone called police, who checked out the van.

"They had a large amount of cash, over $4,000 of cash in $20 bills, and they had a stack of blank debit cards, credit cards." Woolly said.

Though believed to be aliases, Virgil Dinita and Nicolae Catel were arrested. They had installed a skimming device in that ATM, and act Woolly calls a modern day bank robbery.

"Its an electronic device that copies the card information when you put a card in the machine," Woolly said. "And then they're able to access, make dummy cards, and to access and withdraw money from customer's accounts."

Woolly says the Secret Service believes the two to be part of a group out of Dallas and Oklahoma City that targets ATM's and gas pumps, including gas pumps in Ardmore a couple months ago.

"It's just scary because you don't see those people, and I had no idea that that was even taking place." Jackson said.

Woolly says to protect yourself, monitor your bank accounts, use an indoor ATM, or deal with a bank teller.


ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Two illegal aliens are in immigration custody on Tuesday after allegedly skimming money from an Ardmore ATM.

Virgil Dinita and Nicolae Catel, believed to be aliases, were arrested for the fraudulent use of a credit card number after someone called police, when they noticed one of the men walking back and forth between a van and the ATM as customers drove through.

It happened Saturday at the MTC Federal Credit Union.

When police searched the van, the found $4,000 in $20 bills, and a stack of dummy debit cards.

Police said the Secret Service believe the pair to be part of a larger group out of Dallas and Oklahoma City that targets ATM's and gas pumps.

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