Two arrested after police find starving dog in hot shed

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HOWE, Tex. (KXII) - Two people have been arrested in Howe, accused of keeping their dog in a hot shed with signs of serious malnourishment.

"It's honestly something you can't even think about."

Dylan Mehall and his family are self-proclaimed animal lovers-- they have three dogs and a cat.

Mehall lives at the Pradera mobile home community in Howe.

He found out two of his neighbor, Maurice Burnham and Katherine Negrete, were arrested for animal cruelty just down the road from him.

"When we rolled up to the shed, the door was closed," said Howe Police Lt. Michael Hill. "It's enclosed with no ventilation. The dog came out and the dog was very malnourished, you could see the ribs."

Hill said the manager called him after seeing the dog Monday morning. Police said she was living in a hot shed behind the mobile home.

"The temperatures alone were just way way too extreme," Hill said.

They found the dog panting and hungry, the water temperature close to 90 degrees, and arrested the couple for felony animal cruelty charges.

"Enclosing them is just ridiculous, bring them inside," Hill said.

"It's wrong, especially in the shed with hot water," Mehall said. "The dogs got to be able to eat and have water to survive. Why would you do that?"

Mehall said if you can't take care of your pet, simply give it to someone who can.

The manager said he already went to court today to try and get the couple evicted. It's against the lease to keep your dog in the shed or outside.

The dog is now being treated at a Sherman animal shelter and is expected to survive.

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