Two fireman taken to hospital after responding to wreck

STRINGTOWN, Okla. (KXII) The Oklahoma Highway patrol is taking over an investigation into a wreck that happened in Stringtown Friday morning, that seriously injured two firemen who were cleaning up a separate crash.

OHP and Officials in Stringtown both say rain was a factor in the accident that happened on highway 69 and 43.

They say a driver lost control Friday morning because of the rain, hydroplaned and went off into the trees. Fire officials were on the scene helping with that wreck. When they were cleaning up, a second vehicle carrying a U-Haul trailer, lost control on that very same curve and slammed into the firetruck on scene.

"It hit so hard it was such an impact the lights in the sockets the headlights are shattered but the lights are still in the socket." Zachary Rice, Assistant Chief of Stringtown Police said.

The U-Haul slammed into two fireman working the scene, Adam Burleson and Fire Chief Roy Gadberry. Both were taken to the hospital with injuries, but are home now.

"When it rains, water will go up to the top of that and go over (the curve) so if you hit that at 60-70-80 miles an hour, you don't have any control." Rice said.

Police say traffic has increased through their area within the past few years, making this particular stretch of highway dangerous.

Chief Richard Luety says it could have been any one of the first responders on scene getting hurt.

"If it had been just a few more minutes, I would have been there." Luety said. "In the hospital, because I was standing in the exact spot where them fireman was."

Luety, who has been working in law enforcement for over 30 years, said this is the first time he's ever seen the people he works closely with hurt like this.

""I'm just hoping that everything works out for the two fireman.. because they're out there risking their lives for us and I do appreciate them for that." Luety said.