Two lake houses destroyed after fire near Lake Texoma

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - A fire rekindled at a home near Lake Texoma Sunday night.

Grayson County Fire Marshal John Weda says firemen will most likely be there on and off throughout the night to monitor hot spots.

This comes after flames ripped through two lake houses on Preston Peninsula Sunday afternoon.

"The back porch was on fire, it was only maybe a two by two area, I could see it on the ground, I ran for my phone as quick as I could call 911 and get back, it had doubled," neighbor Sabrina Kassel said.

Kassel was coming back from a walk, when she saw smoke coming from her neighbor's porch.

She immediately went to put it out by trying to turn on their water.

"They had turned their water off and I couldn't get any water to it, I was underneath the porch my husband made me move, my hair was on fire and smoldering and it was crazy, I couldn't save their house and I feel so bad for my neighbors," Kassel said.

Weda said the homeowner's had owned it for 20 years, and didn't have insurance.

He said the family left just hours before the fire started to head back to their permanent home near the Metroplex.

Kassel said she heard loud explosions.

"It started on the back porch, the fire pit is located there and it has a propane tank and I think that was the first big boom and then it went up there was ammunition in the house and the bullets were flying so we all backed off," Kassel said.

Firemen said the flames spread to the home next door, but no one was home at the time.

The owner of that house said she wanted one thing, the flag from her father's funeral.

Firefighters were able to save it.

She said he was a veteran, and passed away in 2016.

"What I hope for the whole neighborhood is that we get fire hydrants," Kassel said.

Kassel and her husband's boat was one of the ones destroyed in a fire at Grandpappy Marina last month.

She said she's thankful this time the fire missed her house.

"I'm glad it didn't come here but it very well could have," Kassel said.

Preston, Denison, Southmayd, Pottsboro, Gunter, Locust, Whitesboro, Cartwright, abd North Texas Regional Airport fire departments responded.

Weda said the cause of the fire is under investigation, but is not suspicious.

Several fire departments are battling fires on Preston Peninsula near Lake Texoma Sunday afternoon.