Two local Oklahoma educators elected for state office

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ADA, Okla. (KXII)- Ada Junior High Principal Ronny Johns was tired of seeing things not getting done for education.

That's why he ran for the state house of representatives for Oklahoma's District 25, which covers Pontotoc County.

"If you want a good work force, educate. You want to combat drug use, prison overcrowding, those things? Educate. Its definitely at the top of the list because of everything education effects," said Johns.

Ada Superintendent Mike Anderson has worked with Johns for over 20 years, and says running for office is something Johns has wanted to do for a long time.

"He's seen the need for it. I think he is a statesman, and I think he will reach out to those who are already there and those newly elected officials and I'm very hopeful that they will work together and get a lot of good things done," said Anderson.

Oklahoma District 6 senator elect David Bullard is a teacher at Denison High school, but lives in Bryan County.

He believes Oklahoma can help fix education without raising taxes.

"You can go in and look at what you're spending, move money around, and set education as a priority, but then understand that there's a lot of issues within our economy that need that help too as well. So we're going to focus on a large area of issues within the state," said Bullard.

Johns says the state House and Senate will have to think outside of the box to find funding for education.

"its going to be interesting to see what we can do, see how we can work together across the aisle and get some things done and see how we can properly fund everything here in all of our state agencies," said Johns.