Two local volunteer fire departments get new brush trucks with grants

GORDONVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - Two new firetrucks are rolling around town in Gordonville and Sherwood Shores, after three years of the volunteer fire departments waiting for a state grant.

Gordonville just got their truck a couple months ago.

"Oh we love it. We absolutely love it," said Gordonville Fire Chief Doug Adcock.

"We were very excited to get it," said Sherwood Shores Fire Captain Bryan Sprinkle.

The Gordonville and Sherwood Shores Volunteer Fire Departments applied three years ago for state grants from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Requirements include serving a rural community with at most 10,000 people and all employees must be nationally certified.

Both departments got the grants last year.

"It's helped us out a lot," Sprinkle said. "It's making everything a lot easier. We're able to carry more personnel to scenes."

Sprinkle said they got their brush truck in November with their $100,000 grant, along with a more than $20,000 grant from a local foundation.

"We've also turned it into a rescue truck for all of our medical calls in the area," Sprinkle said.

Vicki Nourse is excited for the new brush truck.

She lives in Gordonville, right next to a cedar forest.

"If the fire gets to one place, it can jump to the whole neighborhood. So that probably makes us a whole lot safer," Nourse said.

Adcock said they got theirs in January, thanks to the $200,000 grant.

An extra $20,000 came from community donations and fundraisers like a chili dinner.

"It can go to vehicle accidents. We got an extra-large pump on the back so it can fight structure fires actually," Adcock said.

Adcock said they got to customize the truck to cover rural areas and rough terrain.

"Spray nozzles on the front and rear, we got that extra-large pump and motor," Adcock said.