Two middle school football teams set aside competition to help injured player

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GUNTER, Tex. (KXII) - Whitesboro 7th grade quarterback Jacob Knight's season ended on Gunter's football field on Thursday from a broken leg, but his competition that gave him a memory he will never forget.

"It will get better soon. Its just stages in life," said Jacob.

The football game between Gunter and Whitesboro's seventh graders had just started when one play stopped everything.

"I snapped the ball, ran outside. I was trying to read the guy where he was going to go, and then he just came at me," said Jacob.

"I tracked him, and then hit him. And I hit him kind of high, around his abs area," said Kane Bolt, the Gunter linebacker involved in this play.

Kane tackled Jacob on what seemed like a routine play.

"I took the hit, and I fell down and my leg started hurting. It hurt instantly," said Jacob.

"Then I landed on him funny, and his leg snapped. I heard a pop when it happened," said Kane.

Jacob broke his femur, ending his season.

"I knew I wasn't going to get to play no more," said Jacob.

"I like freaked out. I didn't really know what happened," said Kane.

However, Kane and the rest of his Gunter teammates didn't forget about Jacob.

"I got a couple numbers from some of the Whitesboro people, and I stepped in, kept getting updates from when he was going into surgery," said Kane.

Along with the support from his own school, Jacob received two cards with signatures from every player on Gunter's team, along with some candy.

But more importantly, Kane paid a visit to Jacob in his home in an act of sportsmanship.

"Very helpful for me, I know they supported me and stuff, and know they didn't mean to do it, and they just wanted to help me," said Jacob.

"You know, you obviously didn't mean to do it and everyone was kind of devastated about it, and it just feels good," said Kane.

That earned points off the field.

"I just like to thank them for all of their support," said Jacob.

Jacob's father Jason said his son will be fully healed to play sports again in 6 months.