TxDOT crews prepare roads to prevent ice

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- With freezing temperatures and high winds throughout Texoma Thursday, road conditions and ice are a major concern.

"When you get to bridges and overpasses and elevated roadways, is when they get dangerous," Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen said.

Texas Department of Transportation crews have been planning and pre-treating major highways and problem areas since Wednesday in all nine counties in the Paris region including Grayson, Fannin and Lamar counties. The goal is to prevent iced over roads and the consequences.

"People either sliding into a ditch or colliding with each other," Mullen said.

TxDOT Public Information Officer Tim McAlavy said a main substance they used this time around is called brine, leaving white marks on the street.

"What that does is stay in place until the moisture comes, it helps keep the rain from turning to ice," McAlavy said.

Ice is the biggest concern, something we had a lot of back in December 2013.

The aftermath of that storm took days to clear highways like U.S. Highway 75 and U.S. Highway 82.

A year later, TxDOT told us they increased their fleet of vehicles with blades to cut through ice from one to 18 and the number of salt water tanks to treat roads from two to nine.

Police said the easiest way to prevent crashes is to slow down, leave plenty of space between other vehicles and pay extra attention.

"If the weather gets bad and the roads get icy, we always recommend to stay home unless absolutely necessary," Mullen said.

"If you do have to go out and the weather gets really, really bad, plan ahead, stay on top of the weather," McAlavy said.

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