TxDOT, police prepare for winter weather

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) With winter weather expected this weekend TxDOT is out pre-treating the roads.

"We worked 27 [accidents] within that 24 hour period. We did have one fatality and there were several with injuries but most were not serious injuries."

The next morning, a Savoy City Councilman also died after losing control of his pick-up, crawling out of the wreckage, and being hit and killed by a semi truck.

"The other night when we had the icy roads and so many accidents we did have officers that work overtime at that point to help with all the accidents."

With the threat of more icy weather Saturday through Sunday TxDOT, began pre-treating US 75 as well as bridges and overpasses Friday.

But Lt. Mike Eppler with Denison Police says drivers still need to exercise extreme caution.

"I believe the problem the other night was that the roads themselves were actually good and I believe people had a false sense of security and were going too fast when they hit the overpasses."

He says people should stay off the roads if at all possible, but if they have to go out...

"We want people to be safe so make sure that you take every safety precaution including wearing seat belts, give your turn signals when you turn, allow plenty of time to break and slow down before you turn."

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