TxDOT urges drivers to be careful for potholes

Whether you're going down Highway 75 or driving around town, rainy weather can disguise potholes in the roads. A local mechanic says if you're not careful, hitting a pothole can deflate your tire and your wallet.

A pothole on northbound 75 has gotten the attention of drivers and David Ellis, who manages Ellis Auto Repair in Sherman.

He has worked on plenty of cars over the years after drivers say they hit a pothole they couldn't see.

"Highway 75 is one of those (roads) that you're going to hit that hole, especially if you don't see it coming. You're going to hit it and there's nothing you can do about it," said Ellis.

Ellis says it can cost up to $1000 to repair damages like busting a tire, bending a wheel, or knocking out the alignment on your car.

Something Kay Dyer found out first hand.

"It's knocked this out of alignment before, this car right here. I know its an older car, but they're deep, I mean really big potholes," said Dyer.

She says this is an issue all over town.

"There's a donut place on Travis Street, you can't even get in and out of the business, because there's huge holes in the parking lots. That's all over, that's not just there," said Dyer.

Ellis says the rain and cold weather will only make the potholes worse.

"That's just really the effect of not only rain, but cold weather especially when it freezes and that kind of stuff, it will tear up a road pretty quick," said Ellis.

A representative from TxDot said potholes along highway 75 are being worked on from 7:30 p.m. to 6 a.m Sunday through Thursday, as long as the weather stays dry.

Sherman TxDot office phone number to report potholes: (903) 892-6529