Tyson employees have mixed emotions about how company has handled COVID-19 outbreak

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Employes say there are nearly 300 cases of COVID-19 at Tyson Foods in Sherman, and they have mixed emotions about how the company has handled the outbreak.

"We found out that we were working side by side three people that tested positive they just disappeared one day, I understand that you can't give out information, personal information, but I believe as a worker I deserve to know if I have been around someone that has this," an anonymous employee said.

The employees in this story wanted to remain anonymous.

One employee said they found out they themselves had COVID-19 last week, and they said all they want right now is the truth, but they claim they haven't been able to get that from management.

"Tyson is hiding information from their employees, out right whole heartedly," the employee said.

But another employee feels differently.

"I have never felt unsafe ever ever ever, I've felt extremely cared for with all the protocols they originally put in place and as the weeks have gone on, they've added to those," another anonymous employee said,

Grayson County reported their first COVID-19 related death on Tuesday, and a Tyson employee said they were co-workers.

"The guy that died yesterday that was my co-worker, I talked to this man every day, I've talked to him everyday for the past five years, he's a guy I consider my friend," the anonymous employee said.

Tyson corporate said they are increasing sanititation, but an employee sent News 12 pictures of empty sanitizers in the plant.

That employee even said their department typically runs ten production lines, and the number was only reduced when management knew corporate was coming, and when they left they said it returned to normal.

"There's no one here to see it and if you raise your voice too loud or demand too much, you're probably going to get fired," the employee said.

But another employee says they have never witnessed that issue.

"They're never empty now, basically our safety office goes around and does that and we have them everywhere," another employee said.

News 12 reached out to Tyson corporate, who said they will provide a number of cases at the Sherman plant on Thursday.

Grayson County reported 69 more cases Wednesday, though it is unclear if any are related to the Tyson outbreak.